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Employment Oppertunities

Current Positions Available

Church Secretary - Main Office

Beech Park Baptist Church

Office Secretary Job Description

Monday – Friday 8:00am - 3:00pm (35 hours)

  • Oversee the operation of the church office and assists the pastor and staff with a variety of administrative duties. Use copy machine and fax machine.

  • Answer phone calls and emails regarding church ministries.

  • Proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, or Mac IOS Pages, Numbers, Keynote.

  • Input data entry for church management software: Planning Center, One Call Now, Breeze, church sign software

  • Proficient in computers and designing in for church bulletin and creating announcements.

  • Understand social media to help monitor church accounts and post information about the church and the ministries.

  • Skilled in computer typing and note taking.

  • Prepare and maintain mailing lists and church roster.

  • Prepare letters and documents as requested.

  • Keep accurate church records, (e.g. church members, prospects, calendar, etc.), working in cooperation with the church pastoral staff, ministry directors, treasurer, clerk, custodial staff.


Please Note: The secretary must be willing to sign a Confidentiality Clause for the ministry including but not limited to appointments, phone calls, and visitors to the church office.


Salary and Benefits: Pay range around $15+ based on experience level. Paid vacation accrued with no other benefits.

Interested applicants please click on the link to submit a résumé and cover letter.

Resume and Cover Letter Link

If you have questions please email

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