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Event and Wedding Informational Packet

We celebrate this great occasion with you both and pray that God is and will be the very center of your plans from this day forth.  We wish to assist you in any way possible and we offer our facilities to you.

1085 Tri County Blvd.

Oliver Springs, TN 37840



The church does not actually “rent” the facilities.  The charges are for custodial services and audio/visual tech personnel required to operate the technical equipment.  However, there are a few guidelines that we request you follow.

Our Wedding Policy and expenses (as approved by the church body) are as follows:

Use of Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall Area

Inactive & Non-Member $600  /   Active Member $300


Use of Fellowship Area Only

Inactive & Non-Member $300  /   Active Member $150


Use of Sanctuary Only

Inactive & Non-Member $300  /   Active Member $150

Use of Youth Building

Inactive & Non-Member $300  /   Active Member $150


We do not charge a damage deposit but any damage incurred during or because of the event will be the sole financial responsibility of the signees.


A deposit of at least 50% is due upon scheduling the event and must be received prior to entry of the wedding on the church calendar.  Balance is due 30 days prior to the event.  Checks are payable to Beech Park Baptist Church (BPBC)


The event coordinator will schedule a time for you to look at the facilities and answer any questions you may have.


Custodial Services include:


For weddings of both members and non-members the custodial services provides the following services:


  1. Removing the pulpit and furniture from the platform area.   

  2. Restoring platform area to its regular set-up after the ceremony.

  3. Cleaning the Fellowship Area at the church after the rehearsal dinner and wedding reception and restoring it to its regular set-up.

  4. Cleaning of the Sanctuary after the wedding/reception.

  5. If the grounds or parking lot of the church need to be cleaned due to any activity at the wedding, there will be an additional charge of $25.00.   



Sound and Lighting


An approved BPBC sound and lighting technician, which is an additional $100 fee, must be present to operate the sound equipment during the rehearsal and wedding ceremony.  You must also have a BPBC sound and lighting technician present to use soundtracks for vocalists, or to make an audio copy of your wedding. You are responsible for contacting the Event Coordinator, no later than 30 days prior to the wedding, to ensure these arrangements are finalized, to provide a CD should you desire an audio copy of the wedding, and to furnish her/him a completed schedule of the ceremony, which includes the number and locations of solos/duets, list of times for songs, and tracks of music.  BPBC does not provide videotaping of the ceremony.   


Music and Musicians


The wedding party should plan the music with their musicians, which should reflect an atmosphere of praise and worship.  All music must be appropriate for a church setting and must not conflict with God’s sanctification of marriage.


It is the responsibility of the bride and/or groom to contact their musicians.  They are welcome to use a vocalist or accompanist of their own choosing, and any fees will be set by them.   


All practice times at the church must be cleared through the church Event Coordinator.




State Law requires couples to receive at least four (4) hours of pre-marital counseling or pay an additional $60.00 for their marriage license.  The Pastor/Counselor who conducts the pre-marital counseling is required to sign a form certifying that the couple has completed the sessions.  Marriage licenses must be purchased within thirty (30) days of the wedding and the pre-marital counseling must be completed within the last year of the marriage date.


Please call the church office for an appointment if you elect to receive your pre-marital counseling with the BPBC Pastor.  If, the BPBC Pastor does not to perform the ceremony, contact the Event Coordinator with information on the minister who will be performing the ceremony, and schedule pre-wedding counseling with that minister.  The BPBC Pastor must agree to any minister you choose.  Due to time demands, the Pastor may not be able to accept weddings unless the bride or groom and/or the parents are active (must have attended on regular basis for last three months) members of Beech Park Baptist Church.




Listed below are the policies of BPBC regarding weddings in the building.  All policies must be agreed upon and signed by both the bride and groom.  Failure of either party to sign the following Wedding Application to abide by these policies will void the reservation of the buildings for the wedding date.   


• Contact the BPBC Event Coordinator for an appointment.  She will assist the Bride in completing forms, reviewing guidelines for clarity, and offer her assistance to ensure the wedding will be a smooth and orderly event.

• Only one wedding will be scheduled per day and must be approved by the ministerial staff.

• No weddings or rehearsals will be scheduled on Sundays.   

• No weddings or rehearsals will be scheduled during BPBC musical productions (i.e. Christmas, Easter, and Patriotic) or during Vacation Bible School activities.

• Since the church is not open for regular hours on Saturdays, scheduling rehearsals, florists, caterer, etc. must be done in advance with the church office and/or Event Coordinator.

• All wedding activities (including reception) must be concluded by 9:00 pm, so cleanup and setup of the next day’s regularly scheduled church activities can be done.

• The wedding ceremony should start no later than 7:00 pm.

• No food or drink is allowed in Sanctuary.

• No rice, birdseed, etc. is to be thrown inside or outside any BPBC building.                 

• Bubbles are to be used outside only.

• No smoking of any kind is allowed on any BPBC property.

• No nails, tape or tacks are to be put in any pews, walls, floors or any other church furniture.

• Weddings conducted by someone other than a pastor of BPBC must be approved by the BPBC Pastor.

• No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs may be used in any form within the church grounds or buildings. Under no circumstances may any member of the wedding party participate in any rehearsal or ceremony while under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.  The BPBC Pastor has full authority to cancel the wedding at any time for a deviation from this rule.

• No dancing is allowed within any of the buildings of BPBC or on church property.

• Absolutely no red punch may be served in the buildings of BPBC, due to the possibility of permanently staining the carpets.

• The choir chairs may not be removed from the choir loft.




• All exits must be free of decorations due to fire regulations.

• The florist is required to use odor free drip less, metal sheathed or electric candles at BPBC.  Please inform your florist they will be responsible for any carpet cleaning due to mishaps that might occur.  Adequate fireproof mats or cloths should be placed beneath all candelabra to prevent heat damage to floors, carpets, or furnishings.

• The carpets should also be protected from dampness of potted plants by similar mats.

• All decorations, flowers, flower petals, etc., must be removed within one hour following the ceremony.  It is not permissible for them to be left in the church over night.

• No real flower petals, fresh or dried, may be used in the aisles or on any floors in the building.  Please use silk petals only.

• Use of glitter or confetti type of decorations, are not permitted in sanctuary or any church grounds.

• No clamps, nails, tape, etc. are to be used to attach any decorations to any fixtures, seats, or furnishings.

• Normal BPBC building decorations including seasonal decorations (Christmas, Easter, VBS etc.) will need to remain in place during the wedding or event.

• Your florist should make arrangements with the church office for decorating during normal business hours. Saturday weddings should be set up the day of the wedding or on Friday by 2:30 or during the rehearsal time.

• Note:  The church does not furnish any wedding decorations, set-ups or reception utensils.

• No rooms shall be used for childcare during the wedding ceremony, rehearsal or reception.

• Beech Park Baptist Church is not responsible for any valuables left during or after the wedding or reception.   





Your reception should be well planned and carried through by someone experienced in this area. Set up time should take no more than 3 hours, which can be done during weekday church hours, and cleanup should be completed within 2 hours.


• Entrances are not to be blocked at any time.

• No decorations can be stapled or tacked to walls, woodwork, or tables.

• Seasonal decorations cannot be removed.   

• A commercial ice machine and refrigerator are available for your use in the Kitchen.

• Caterers must provide all equipment, silverware, serving dishes, paper products and tablecloths that are needed for the reception.

• The kitchen must be cleaned immediately following the reception and left ready for the next function.

• All garbage must be in proper bags and disposed in the rear cans, located at the rear of the church kitchen.




All parties using the church for weddings shall assume full responsibility for any injury or damage to church property at replacement value. Report any damage to church staff immediately.

Events & Wedding Application

Thank you for your information. We will contact you within the next 72 hours.

For more information please contact us

Church Office


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